Marketing Your Digital Music

You might have worked on your sets for days at a time, you might have invested into the right equipment and software, yet still you only have 30 fans and most of them are friends and family. The question then that needs to be answered is how do you get more fans?

In the following segment we’ll be discussing some strategies you could implement to increase that little number of fans into an army of loyal followers.

Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

It is essential for any public figure to have at least one, if not all of these social networks. You need to be able to funnel your fans, give them a direct access point to who you are. Remember that people want to know the genius behind the music, and these free social networks will give you that option.

You can’t just open them and think people will find you; you will have to go out and create “back links” that will direct people to your groups. This means you’ll have to become involved in the DJ community and place links that direct people back to your sites. For instance if you comment on a forum you could place your Twitter tag at the bottom. People with Twitter will most probably follow you if you have something interesting to say.


Youtube is the second biggest search engine after Google, which means that people spend a ridiculous amount of time on it. Thus if you can create content that will attract people, such as tutorials, music videos and concerts you will be able to get a large number of potential fans visiting your videos. Obviously from this medium you’ll re-direct people back to your Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus…and obviously your website and your store.

If you learn how to effectively use these free tools to your advantage you will find that you might be able to quit your day job and dedicate all your time to your art.

This doesn’t mean that the moment you load up a video you’ll go viral. The trick is to play around with the elements of marketing and to see if you can grab the attention of the masses. Think of certain “hot spots” throughout the year; Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Halloween etc, and use it to market certain concepts. Most internet marketers understand that if you bank on these prime dates you’ll definitely increase your traffic.


More Traffic means more potential fans, more potential fans mean more revenue and in turn you can invest more time to perfect your sound. The bottom line is that if you are willing to do the hard work, you’ll be able to play full houses all the time and make enough money to live comfortably on your art. Anything is possible in this day and age, and nobody can become somebody in a matter of days…if all the elements are in place.

For a great example of digital marketing in the online retail space, I recommend checking out this DJ Decks Store here.