LA scoring strings

The following VSTi is more custom made for scoring purposes, hence the name “LA Scoring Strings”. But if you come to think about it, anyone who is in dire need of some warm sounding strings will want to get their hands on this VSTi.

Strings are used to fill in music, to expand the soundscape and to invoke a specific emotion, whether it is a feeling of peace and tranquility, or the sound of an approaching shark. Even your everyday musician will find use for having some amazing string samples. LA scoring strings is a brilliant option if you are in the look for a VST that both have a high standard in quality and ease of use.

You’ll probably find this VSTi on the shelf of every film scorer in the world with its 40GB library to suit your specific production need. Seamlessly link it to the midi controller of your choice and instantly transform your studio into a concert hall. When it comes to realism you won’t be able to find many other VSTi’s that compare to the perfect quality of these samples.

A big problem a lot of VSTis have is that slight delay when you link it to your controller, LA scoring strings will give you real time response without a problem.

So let’s see what this package has to offer us:

  • 40GB library
  • Tons of presets
  • Customize your sounds with several effects
  • Tremolo
  • Real sounding legato (you’ll be shocked when you hear it)
  • Easy Midi synchronization

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional film scorer or just a basement musician, this VSTi will definitely give you the ability to put some real depth in your music with the massive library. Not only do you have an ample collection of different types of strings, you can customize each sound with built in effects.

In Summary:

I have heard many different VSTi’s that focus only on strings and LA scoring strings definitely is a top competitor. The price is decently hefty which might be a demotivator for those of us that work on a shoe string budget, but if you have the cash available you will definitely benefit with this baby sitting in your arsenal. IT doesn’t matter whether you produce electronic music or pop music, having access to fine quality strings will allow you to take your music to the next level.

If you’re one of those producers that hardly ever use strings within your production, you’d probably not want to dish out $300+ dollars on this VSTi, but if you find yourself in the film industry or simply as a pop producer you will definitely find very good use for it.

I always think it is a good idea to create a base of instruments that you can use within your production and by adding LA scoring strings to your collection you will definitely find out that it is worth your while. As mentioned earlier the quality of the sound is amazing and the ease of use is just a joy. The only thing that I have a problem with is the price tag, but we all know that when you live off of music, you need to invest to have a better sound than your competitors. Consider this VSTi as an asset as opposed to spending money.