U-He Tyrell N6

Some names in the world of VSTi’s stands out from the crowd. One of these names definitely is Urs Heckmann who developed the U-He Zebra synth. Due to the massive positive reaction to the Zebra the Tyrell was almost made instantly famous based solely on the name of the designer. But is it fair to give this synth a place in the “best synths category” based solely on the creator’s fame?

Many people did buy into the hype surrounding the Tyrell N6, but was grossly disappointed when they first tried it out. That is only because they expected something like the Zebra, but failed to recognize that this is a completely different synth. But if you take a closer look you realize that what Urs did with this one was really invest time in producing quality sound. This synth is not CPU friendly however, so it would be recommended for you to use a computer with a lot of memory and processing power. But if you already have a powerful computer…by all means get your hands on this.

Let’s pop the hood and take a look inside:

  • 500 presets to morph your sounds into something truly unique
  • Brilliant sound quality
  • Great preset layout to easily find that exact preset you have been looking for
  • Very unique sounding synth that will blow your mind and eardrums away

This synth definitely is one of those VST instruments that is definitely worth it if you can afford the CPU usage. We personally think that this synth would work best on some grimy bass lines and can be used for genres like garage and Dubstep with the greatest of ease. There is one thing that does count against this synth and we believe it might have been the reason why so many people turned out disappointed with the final product. Tyrell lacks something that most people would have thought to be included as basic features, things like reverb, chorus and so on.

Final Thoughts:

This synth definitely has a unique sound that it produces at an extremely high quality for being a free VSTi synth. Now, you can only get this VSTi if you have a membership at amazona.de but I’m also sure that there are certain sites that host this plugin as well. Yet in the hopes of supporting these developers it would probably be best to get a membership since they have an ample selection of other free synths available as well.

Now a lot of people will continue to believe that this synth is not as good as it was hyped up to be due to the fact that it lacks those basic effects such a reverb and chorus. But if you have access to external devices that can do that for you, this program will be a brilliant addition to your arsenal. Once more we have to point out that not everyone will be able to freely use this synth due to the fact that it is a monster on CPU usage. But for anyone who can support this massive synth and want to find unique sounding bass riffs, this is probably a golden synth that you will use over and over again. It really comes down to the individual and the sound wanted to achieve.